The 2022 Guide to Remote Hiring

This simple, free tool lets you plug in the cities where people live and then see the time overlap, helping to quickly find the right time for everyone’s schedules. We create project scorecards that assess multiple facets of the project and ultimately give a final score for each candidate. Every candidate who turns in a project receives written feedback on their submission. The first chat also shines a light on whether the candidate reflects our values and would be excited to join a team of empathetic, customer-focused people. Our recruiters are responsible for checking the applicant queues regularly and making sure a human reviews every single application. Engineering projects are all take-home coding exercises that are similar in language and project setup to what they might be working on on a daily basis.

hiring process for remote jobs

We look to see that candidates are engaged, and ask questions related to culture, training and work that may be unique to working remotely. In a remote work setting, business executives have to ensure that the work environment is designed for every member of the company regardless of their location. The productivity company Doist takes this to the next level by ensuring that its values are emphasized at every stage of the hiring process. And from a salary standpoint, companies now also offer six-figure remote jobs. Our hiring process is thorough, long and uses a variety of approaches.

Conduct the interview.

Do not spend days deliberating an offer, or waste time trying to negotiate. You will be very surprised how often the top talent will be lost because another company beat you to it. Ensure that you’re constantly networking with professionals remote interview process in your industry. Actively seek out individuals with the experience and knowledge that could fill the gaps in your own business. Even if you’re not hiring right now, you will be on the radar of the relevant people when the time comes.

  • They need to understand their role in protecting the business when they’re working at home.
  • Working remotely means that sometimes you’re going to feel a bit…remote.
  • You might notice a new Slack notification or be tempted to check the time.
  • You will be very surprised how often the top talent will be lost because another company beat you to it.
  • Like Uber’s drivers, our teachers are contractors so we sign a contract with them.

Take time to gather all of the information about the company culture you’d like to share, schedule meet-and-greets with other team members and prepare your questions. Now we’ve reached the interview stage, it’s understandable if you’re feeling more apprehensive than usual. We get it – remote interviewing can be weird especially if you’re used to face-to-face interviews. ‍We’ve got a whole article on how to write job descriptions, but here we’ll talk about how your job posts need to be adjusted when you’re remote hiring. The process to become a full-time gent has multiple stages and takes a long time. Our process weeds out people who are looking to quickly switch jobs, or who are not looking to get to know the company little-by-little. We believe no matter how good the interviews and tests are, you really don’t know somebody until you work with them.

Do candidates prefer an in-person or remote hiring experience?

But you don’t feel as fulfilled as your friends in North America.

Remote workers are often spread out all over the world, which can make it challenging to stay connected. However, many technology solutions can help you stay connected with your team. For example, try using chat platforms and project management software to keep in touch with your team. With more people working remotely, you’ll need to get creative with your recruitment methods.