1. In conclusion, it is possible to say it is true that the Greek legacy is timeless and an inspiration.

Today, India was established in 1947 when the nation became independent of British Empire. The Greek notion of democracy was distinct from modern democracy as in Athens all citizens who were of age were expected to take an active role in the government. British Empire. In order to vote, citizens had to be present at the assembly on the day when the voting was conducted. Did You Not Know?

This kind of governance is known as direct democracy. India is the seventh-largest nation by area and the second largest country in terms of population second only to China with a population of 1.32 billion. In a representative democracy, people vote for representatives that develop and alter laws that govern their people instead of being able to vote directly on the laws. 1. In conclusion, it is possible to say it is true that the Greek legacy is timeless and an inspiration. Egypt. Greeks endured many adversities however, they were able to bounce back from their adversities.

Year of founding: c.6000 BCE Founder(s): King Narmer (aka Menes) Capital City: Cairo Current Population: (2017 census): 94,798,827 (2017 census) This is due to the strength of their society and their deep-rooted values system. Source of the photo: Wikimedia Commons. The ancient history of Greece provides us with a wealth of knowledge about politics, social life as well as human life and serves as a great guide for our present as well as the future. The it is believed that the ancient Egyptian civilization has its beginnings to 6000 BCE at the time that various groups of hunter-gatherers were settled at the Nile River Valley, Egypt’s first dynasty dates back to c.3100 BCE.

Why do we study History? In the same time frame, Upper and Lower Egypt were joined into a single state by King Menes — Menes can be described as the Egyptian word that means founder. several historians believe that the one of the founders of Egypt was a king named Narmer. History students are unafraid to explore the past.

This means that it makes Egypt the most ancient country in the world. They research past social and political systems, culture language and health, art education, money conflict and more. King Narmer was capable of establishing control over his entire length navigable of Nile in addition to establishing the city of his birth city in Memphis the city that was in the vicinity of the modern city of Cairo. They study how things have evolved over time, and link the dots to see how we came to the present state. This was the first of a string of dynasties who were to reign over Egypt for the next three millennia up until the time of Alexander the Great in 332 BCE.

It may have to do with the past, however, there are many career options in the field of history are available right now. The modern day Egypt was established in 1953, following an Egyptian Revolution of 1952. Why should you pursue a degree in the history of your country? Because it’s good news for your future! Did You Not Know? "Why should you take a history course? You’ll acquire skills which you can employ across a wide range of professions Tweet this message on your social media followers. Although Egypt has a substantial population but the majority of residents reside near the Nile River, where the only arable land can be found (about 40,000 sq km (15,000 sq miles)) This infographic was designed by us to give you an easy overviewof: It’s all in past.

The Best Way to Study History. So why is history important to the students of today? The study of history is one of the "required" subjects which many students find boring and boring. It’s nice to be aware of what could take place before making an important decision, doesn’t it? Knowing the history of our past can assist us in making this decision on large scale.

However, studying history can be enjoyable and thrilling, particularly when you adopt the right mindset. Find out more about our History Subject Guide links what you are taught in the classroom to your future career. George Santayana, a Spanish philosopher, claimed that those who don’t learn from their mistakes in the past are bound to repeat the same mistakes.

When we study the history of past events, we discover the consequences of actions taken by buy people from queens and kings up to that London baker who failed to turn off his fire on the 2nd September 1666. Also If you do not take lessons from past mistakes, you’re most likely to repeat the same mistakes again. The past has a lot to tell that we can anticipate the future.

However, there are other advantages to studying History. When we apply this knowledge on the present day, the government business, individuals and even businesses could learn from past mistakes and successes and make informed decisions about their future. Alongside providing background regarding the history of times past, the subject will help you acquire transferable skills that can enable you to take advantage of a wide range of job opportunities later on. For instance, economists may look at the causes for the current recession with previous economic crises like that of Wall St Crash, and cooperate with politicians to stop these happening again. If you’re now excited about learning about history and are looking for some effective techniques and strategies that can enhance the effectiveness of your study.

The history of the world gives us a informed view of the world. Make Ideas. Do we have enough knowledge to Wall Street Crash prevent future. Create Connections. In our study of the past, we examine a lot of different sources , and we learn that the events of history are usually the result of complicated and diverse variables. It’s not simple, but we’ll to explain it anyway: history is based on a chronological sequence of events. It’s not as simple as someone A punching someone B on the head and sparking the war.

The timing in which events happen is crucial to studying the subject of historical events. The way we communicate, our beliefs, the political system as well as miscommunications and the surrounding environment can affect how things go.